Encourage your users to do the following when navigating within Salesforce.com to save them time:

  1. Leverage tabbed browsing. Rather than click on a link, right click on the link and open it in a new tab. This comes in handy when working lists. You can open new tabs for each new record you want to work, then when done, simply close the browser tab.
  2. Double-click to edit. To quickly edit a record, double click on the field that you want to edit. This allows you to update the filed and simply click “Save” when finished.
  3. Copy the URL when collaborating. Don’t send your fellow users/ colleagues on a wild goose chase. Just give them the link that takes them directly to the record. Go to the top of your browser, highlight the URL, Ctrl/Cmnd-C to copy, and send that link through chatter, IM or email to your co-worker to make it easy for them to view.

A few saved-clicks, over time, can add up hours of productive, client facing time.