Visualforce is a Salesforce development framework that controls the user interface of any Salesforce application. Available in most editions (with some limitations in Professional Edition), it offers multiple benefits. Here are the top three reasons that organizations may request a developer or admin to work with Visualforce:

Reason 1: Visual Flexibility/Customization

So you want your fields on an object or report to be laid out in three columns, not two? Visualforce is the way to go. Want a custom color on the page? Visualforce. Want the page to look nothing like the Salesforce standard? Visualforce is the way to go. Pages and tabs can be bypassed using Visualforce while still maintaining access to the standard functions (save, cancel, delete, edit, new), related lists and data-sets.

Reason 2: Sites

Built just about entirely in Visualforce pages and custom controllers, Sites can give your client-base a bird’s eye view into your org. Or maybe you would like them to be able to submit a record into a custom object you created, such as “compliments”. Visualforce is what you need!

Reason 3: Custom .pdf’s

You can attach a .pdf to an email, create a .pdf through a button on a record, you could attach a .pdf automatically to a record in the Notes and Attachments section (custom controller with Visualforce page). The possibilities are almost endless!

Those are three reasons why Visualforce would be requested. Think of any others? Run with it! As challenging as it can be, when you get that first look at your custom page, custom functionality, site or custom component on a page, you’ll be forever hooked!