As you may have guessed, I prefer to work on the cloud as much as possible. Lately, I’ve been adding a few apps to my Google Chrome account through their web store. I’ve been impressed at the wide selection and usefulness the apps in this marketplace. Even very simple apps, such as note-taking tools that can open up in a browser tab, have saved me a lot of point and click “calories.” My latest favorite is Lucid Chart (available through the Chrome web store, or just

Lucid chart has robust flowcharting and mapping tools. It’s very quick to get going and the charts are saved as you work on them (in the cloud). It provides integration with Google Drive (formerly Docs) and there is an iPad/iPhone app available.

My normal process is to open up a Mind Map template to quickly gather everyone’s thoughts during a meeting about a new project/need. Then I jump right into a Visio-like flow chart of a particular sales or business process. I like how you can use both formats on the same page and I like how fluid and fast it runs. Nothing stifles creative group-think faster than a slow, clunky tool to capture ideas/processes.

If a Salesforce design comes to mind, I usually throw in a couple of swim-lanes, one for the business process and one for the Salesforce process/user flow.

The cost of the tool is very minimal, my plan is on monthly/recurring billing cycle for $15/mo.